Surrenering your animal

Please click on the link and fill out the form and email it to

We understand that there are situations that may cause you to need to rehome your pet. However please make sure that you have tried all other options. If it is a behavior issue, have you tried to get training? If you are moving and can not keep/take the animal with, have you asked other family members to help?

If you feel that there is no other option for your animal please fill out our animal surrender form. We understand that sometime this can be very difficult for a family, please know that B.A.R.K. is a no-kill animal rescue. We are not a "shelter" we provide the animal with all vetting and accommodations needed until a new forever home can be found. Please take into consecration that B.A.R.K. runs off of donation only and if you are needing to surrender your animal, it would be greatly appreciated to give any donations possible (food, bowls, bedding ,collar, leashes, etc..) any thing is welcomed! By surrendering your animal you are giving up ownership of and responsibility for that animal, and B.A.R.K will now take over any care needed.


What type of animals does B.A.R.K take?


Any breed of any animal is accepted at B.A.R.K.


Animal Surrenders are based on available space, please understand that we may not be able to take your animal


Contact us with any question

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